YouTube Collection

I try to collect video’s that have positive messages about God’s love and peace and mercy. Sometimes there are things contained in some video’s that I may not agree with or that may offend someone. I weigh the pro’s and con’s on such stuff and hope NOT to upset anyone. Sometimes the ‘laugh a lot’ video’s are pointed towards politicians and/or political agendas. While I do my best to stay out of such debates and social persuasions I do have my own ideas on things and hope that the humor of such video’s can be appreciated without starting a riot. lol. Some of the subscriptions are not what we call ‘religious’ but for various reasons we have subscribed to them regardless. We do our best to not involve ourselves with lude individuals or offensive material.

Please share your own thoughts/reviews here at believerspeace if so inspired.

If anyone has a video they’d like to direct us to for inclusion in the list please let me know!

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