Jan 292009

Right now there are a lot of scared people who don’t know what tomorrow will bring…..economic uncertainties, political upsets, health and social decay….and every day the media serves up the odd mix of ‘news reported/slanted/biased’…..followed with every temptation known to man to help ease the growing pits in our bellies…ie, food commercials, car commercials, insurance commercials….are we just sheep led to a slaughter?  Programmed to react to world/local events like scampering little mice?  RUN, Forest, RUN….here, eat this buy this promote this believe this….and for what?  so we can be categorically placed labeled persuaded or perhaps even boxed-wrapped-sold?

I know it’s madness in this world, and we’re all afraid sometimes, but as bad as it is (and will be) I hope for all of us that we will remember what really matters in the end, and what matters today, and do our best to love pray forgive reach out lift up and BELIEVE that THIS TOO SHALL PASS.

I don’t know what keeps the next person awake at night, or what battles they walk thru each day, but I know if we pray together and seek Jesus and His Truth, we will find and further the peace needed for our trials and tribulations, and we will learn to cherish our TRUE blessings even in these times.


Dec 312008

When I was a little girl, there were a lot of things I didn’t know, like how to tie my shoes, how to go up stairs, how to ride my bicycle. My mom and dad had to teach me these things. They taught me thru example and MUCH correction..lol…As an adult, I am capable now of doing those things for myself…usually.   When I look up a flight of stairs now, I can either choose to go up those stairs one step at a time, or I can choose to take them two or three at time, or I can choose to stand there and debate the whole situation…..Just because I have learned how to do this the “right” way doesn’t necessarily mean I will!

We will be taught, one way or another, and what we choose to do with what we learn is up to us. Hopefully we learn good things, thru good people, and do good things. But sometimes it just does not work out that way. Many went to a school of “hard knocks”, learned how to be hard, and became hard. Some learned thru lies, hypocrisy, violence, and fear. Without being shown truth, justice, peace and hope, they carry what they have into their lives and into the lives of others. They just don’t have the right tools to build anything solid, anything trustworthy, anything real. At some point, people realize what is wrong, how to change it, and where to go to learn! In my life, I have done this over and over. I have analyzed, criticized, condemned, and laid waste to many many dreams, plans, and hopes. I misused so much of what I had been taught. Like so many, I looked to others to teach me a better way, a smarter way, a risk-free way.

When we choose Jesus as our teacher, we will begin to learn His ways, His heart, His mind, and His love. We will see EVERYTHING thru His goodness, thru His righteousness, and thru His mercy and love. He will graciously give us every tool we will ever need in life. He will patiently pick us up every time we stumble down, or up, those stairs. When we plow our bicycles into brick walls, He will heal the wounds. He won’t necessarily stand in front of the wall and block the impact, but He will show you how to go over the wall. How many of us struggle as we learn how to walk in Christ. We condemn others and ourselves. We take those stairs in so many ways. Many quit. Some go just so far and then sit down in their complacency. Others fine-tune an understanding that works for them and call it religion, service, martyrdom, so on and so forth.

The human mind is an incredible facilitator in either limiting us, or liberating us. The True Power and the True Teacher is Jesus Christ!

And that is what I want to impress on anyone who reads this today. It may be time to set down the old school books of self-help, higher understanding, and “build-your-own-jesus” ideologies. What are your desires? What have you learned and how are you teaching others?

God gave us His Word so that we may have instruction, comfort, and His persuasion. God gave us Jesus Christ to lead us, to teach us, to walk with us as we learn of Him. If it is your true desire to live according to His will and His ways, He will NOT FAIL YOU!!!!!   He is THE TEACHER OF FOREVER, not just a year. He loves you and wants you to have the desires of your heart. He’s not going to leave you alone in the classroom or kick you down the stairs. We may feel utterly alone and left to our own devices. We may not realize yet just how much He wants to see us succeed as we walk towards Him, beside Him, and IN HIM!

If you have never considered Jesus as your teacher, try. Remember how much He loves you, how much He layed down so that He could walk with you and teach you! His Word is a comfort to us when we realize it is for our instruction, not some twisted tool to crucify ourselves with.

We are all sinners. We all fall down. We all have so much to learn! All He wants is your heart. He will establish your thoughts and renew your mind. He is the only solution to the self-condemnation when we stumble, fall short, and give up. He’s not standing at the top of the great stairway jeering at you to hurry up and get it right! He’s not behind, prodding you with daggers of self-ridicule and impatience! Jesus is right there beside you, gently calling your name, loving you and showing you Himself at every turn, in every step, in every mishap. He wants us to comprehend, believe, and have faith in Him, Hope in Him!

Father, thank you for teaching us mercy, love, patience, understanding, and faith! Thank you Father for loving us so much and so completely and so unconditionally! We need you Father as we continue to walk thru this world, as we press towards our high calling, which we learn thru your son Jesus Christ! Father show us the way. Open our eyes so that we can see you as our teacher, as our truest friend, as our comfort and our hope! Whatever tools we carry, whatever lessons we have learned that are not of you, Father equip us in your Word, in your Holy Spirit, as we take courage and walk as your children! In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.


Dec 292008

Don’t you just LOVE a good laugh?  It makes you feel so much better, especially when it’s one of those ‘good laughs’ that make  ya cry before it’s over!  This is the beginning of what will be ‘go to for laughs’ section for sharing funny stuff…..bc it is GOOD to thank God for a good sense of humour!  lol……

For starters, here is one my mother sent me, with the caption….

“Next time he makes you mad….”