Dec 042009

Damaged, by Plumb

  One Response to “Forgiving a ghost…”

  1. …one of my first dreams of being damaged was, Place: Heaven Age at the time: @4 or 5 I was a raggedy ann doll, and my stuffin was hanging out thru all these tears in my arms and legs, and I had band aids all over me….and the room was full of other broken dolls and children….and we were all waiting to be seen by God, the great doctor in the sky….
    I don’t think we can go back and undo or patch over what happened, because the actual first wound is not what we wrestle with….don’t even care about all the little details I can’t remember…..what we carry is the dark heavy sad angry distrust and fear….and the loss of innocence ….and the voice that constantly tells you you are no good. You are dirt. You deserve nothing better than to be walked on, used, abused, disrespected, tossed out…..and THIS is what is sooo evil about what those monsters do to little children!!!!!!!!!

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