May 082009

It’s all relative.       Regardless, you are a work in progress, and like all that grows upward, there will be distraction, and impediment, and detriment….and the solution is as vague as the day your journey began, and  yet it is today that you can be free.  What do you long for?  What is the dream that keeps you up at night?  the voice that won’t let you lie to yourself longer than a day?  or two or three?  when all all the world has gone to sleep, who keeps you up at night?  Talk to Him.

  3 Responses to “Grow?”

  1. I like your site design, did you make this yourself or get a designer to make it?

  2. Love your site man keep up the good work

  3. Thanks, Jerry, for the suggestion! This blog has changed so many times, lol, just going from one CMS to another….then add the eratic ‘swings’ of nature and all it’s manic moods and anything is likely in the world of ‘written words’ in search of relevance and Truth….but back to your comment, I notice you are an author, and write on many topics….what is your favorite? Peace, ~M

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