Jan 292009

Right now there are a lot of scared people who don’t know what tomorrow will bring…..economic uncertainties, political upsets, health and social decay….and every day the media serves up the odd mix of ‘news reported/slanted/biased’…..followed with every temptation known to man to help ease the growing pits in our bellies…ie, food commercials, car commercials, insurance commercials….are we just sheep led to a slaughter?  Programmed to react to world/local events like scampering little mice?  RUN, Forest, RUN….here, eat this buy this promote this believe this….and for what?  so we can be categorically placed labeled persuaded or perhaps even boxed-wrapped-sold?

I know it’s madness in this world, and we’re all afraid sometimes, but as bad as it is (and will be) I hope for all of us that we will remember what really matters in the end, and what matters today, and do our best to love pray forgive reach out lift up and BELIEVE that THIS TOO SHALL PASS.

I don’t know what keeps the next person awake at night, or what battles they walk thru each day, but I know if we pray together and seek Jesus and His Truth, we will find and further the peace needed for our trials and tribulations, and we will learn to cherish our TRUE blessings even in these times.


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