Feb 102009

Jurassic Park is such an ingenious movie! No matter how many times I see it something new always jumps out at me….no pun intended. Jeff Goldblum is by far the best actor and I LOVE what he says….in several places but this is all I’ve found so far….about LIFE and how it will go forward NO MATTER WHAT and that perhaps scientists and geneticists would have done well to have considered ‘not if they could….but if they SHOULD’  Just stuff to think about in light of all the dna testing decoding cloning and otherwise pernicious tampering with God’s creation.  ~M

  One Response to “Should we mess with nature?”

  1. Two questions:

    1) If we could travel faster than the speed of the light (theoretically) and go backwards thru time…..would we be able to stop aging? Even dying?

    2) If we cloned ourselves, would that make it any easier?

    Replication is not creation. Who determines when a soul begins? When it ends? How connected to your body is your soul? Is the soul necessary for a body to live?

    Obviously the animals that have been cloned are alive, and appear to be normal. They are even duplicate replicas……what is that one step above the animal? human? one step below the angel?

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