Dec 192008

Natalie Imbruglia, in Madrid

This song comes really close to how I felt ‘that day’ when I finally got down on my bruised and dirty knees and cried out for God, for Jesus.  I just wanted to be close to Him, aware of Him, and there are not enough right words to describe His answer!

When I was around 11 or 12 years old I walked the aisle at First Baptist, in my home town.  And I was baptized.  And I believe that this is where my intellectual relationship with Him began….

Y E A R S later, after much trial and error, I found myself sitting in a independent-spirit-filled-fundemental-baptist-church-and after several alter calls I ran to my preachers and asked them WHY? do I feel called to be saved AGAIN??  So I prayed.  And they advised me to stop listening with my head and listen with my heart.  So I did.  The next alter call, during which time a zillion butterflies were beating thru my chest….I FLEW to the alter and thanked God for His amazing grace and for His patience.  I was ‘double dunked’ that same day and soon thereafter left that church…..another writing….another day.